The Rayvens Layer

As anyone who owns a cat may know, there is no toy that a cat will ever play with for more than two minutes. After that, they will ignore it and avoid it like bad catnip (Unless they assume no humans will see them play). On a whim, I purchased a cat tunnel a few years ago thinking it would be another toy that would be added to the cat closet. Lo and behold, the cats loved it. At any time of the day I will find at least two cats playing inside. It was the best nine dollars I ever spent.

Having been owned by cats for several years now, I have come to realize that they will play with anything… long as it wasn’t intended for that purpose. Watching them pass a bottle cap back and forth, or laying in a cardboard box when they have a bed…

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God’s Jigsaw Puzzle

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What beautiful picture is your jigsaw puzzle?What beautiful picture is your jigsaw puzzle?

Lizzie, who is 7 years old and much wiser than most adults I know – no, she is wiser than ALL of the adults I know, was working a jigsaw puzzle with me this weekend.

As we were trying to find the pieces that fit into the 500 piece puzzle showing a lake and the fall colors, Lizzie calmly made this observation:

“You know, Grandma – life is a jigsaw puzzle.  You have to try a lot of pieces to finish a jigsaw puzzle – but if you work hard and keep trying, you end up with a beautiful picture.”

I stopped, stared at her and nodded in agreement as I realized that God has just spoken to me through one of his angels.

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People need to learn how to respect one another and stop treating other people like trash. When you insult someone, it makes you no better of a person than you are. You actually get degraded in mine and other peoples eyes.

How do YOU expect people to respect you when you don’t know how to properly treat and respect other people?


Grow up and see that in the end you’re nothing but a bully and you will never be satisfied with being one either. You have to keep being a bully to feel better about yourself and to feel powerful.

STOP IT. STOP IT NOW! When you bully people you hurt yourself and one day it might come bite you in the rear end! Go find a dictionary or google the definition of “Respect” as a favor to mankind. Just don’t ruin your and other peoples lives anymore. Respect yourself too because no one can hurt you more than yourself.


If you’re reading this and you’re being bullied, just know there are people out there to help if you look. Bullies have had bad past experiences and need to feel in control of the situation, so that’s why they bully. They are human too but they just take out their life frustrations differently. Don’t be like them and try to fight back or bully someone else. You’re just like them at that point. There is always someone who can help. A teacher, a neighbor, the mail carrier, cashier at the grocery store, hair dresser, someone, anyone who will listen. Find an adult to resolve the issue because no matter how much you are threatened and hurt by the bully, it won’t get better unless you get help. Don’t just tell one person, tell several people to help back you up and get things solved faster.

There are adult bullies out there but that’s what the police and a restraining order are for. It might not be the best option so please save it as a last resort, just because they hurt you doesn’t mean you have to ruin your and their lives anymore. Beating and raping are different subjects when it comes to that, immediately contact the police after something of that degree occurring.

Cyber bulling is easier to handle than you think, just block them. It takes one click. They might try to come after you more with different numbers or accounts but save everything so if it gets out of hand, you have proof. Always report to someone before it gets to that point, no matter what. Find someone to listen.

Lastly, if you’ve been bullied or not and know or suspect that someone else is being bullied, get help. Find someone to stop the nonsensical violence but never go alone. It’s better to have more than just yourself so that you won’t get bullied in the process. Be the better person and help, otherwise you’re just as bad as the bully by letting things go on. Adults and kids die daily from the depression and anxiety from bullies. Some kids refuse to go to school because they know what awaits them there, it can ruin their lives. Even adults avoid work at times because they’re being bullied. Some are to afraid or ashamed to admit what’s going on but nothing will change unless someone intervenes.

Be that person to report bullying and save lives.

Extra help:

This is a wonderful resource so please check it out. And this has more resources to help as well! Also this, just in case.